I would like as many people as possible to know about the plugin’s capabilities. But I don’t have much free time to write articles and experiment. So we can help each other. The requirement is very simple:

Buy the light version of the plugin:

Use this plugin to write an interesting article or record a video with your experiments or tutorials. There are a lot of ideas for articles or videos:

  • Ditching post-processes in favor of a plugin and comparing fps before and after
  • Additional documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Or just experimenting with your style

Send me a link to your article or video by email: Also include in the letter the email address you use in the epic store marketplace. If the article is interesting and informative, then I will give you Extended Shading Pro absolutely free.

It would be great if you do this job in English, but it doesn’t really matter. You can do it in any language you like.

Important! Include the name of the plugin “Extended Shading” in the title of your article or video, and also include any of these links: